How to remove Create Shortcut option in Vision Client Launcher

Is there a way to remove the “Create Shortcut” option in the Vision Client Launcher via the vision-client-launcher.json? We’re using version 1.0.16 on Windows.


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The issue I’m trying to prevent by disallowing shortcuts could happen when some of our users create shortcuts and never launch the Vision Client Launcher again (and only use desktop shortcuts). Then if we ever have to modify the vision-client-launcher.json file and remove or change an application name, the users will get errors using their desktop shortcuts since it references the application name. With hundreds of clients, this could cause an issue because most won’t remember how to launch the Vision Client Launcher because they’ve relied on the desktop shortcuts for some time.

We considered using the legacy client launcher (32-bit) batch file and manage the shortcuts themselves and “hide” the ability for users to open the Vision Client Launcher. But I like the idea of a having a nice, fully supported Vision Client Launcher page that we can lockdown with lock.configuration key and store a config .json centrally where all users always launch projects from.

I was hoping for an allow.shortcut.creation key in the .json that I could set to false. @jcoffman - is there anything like this that isn’t documented?

@ryanjmclaughlin - I’ve read a bunch of your posts and looks like we have similar strategies with deploying these launchers to a lot of computers. Do your users rely on shortcuts they create or do they go back into the Vision Client Launcher every time as shown in Ignition 8 and client launcher ?

actually in 8.1.0 the lock.configuration key prevents shortcut creation for this very reason.

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That’s good to hear. Any chance we can use the Windows Vision Client Launcher from a 8.1.0 gateway to connect to a 8.0.16 gateway?

yes, the 8.1 launcher is compatible back to 8.0.0 gateways (not 7.9.x gateways however)


Just confirmed with launcher 1.1.0-rc2 and the lock.configuration key indeed prevents the user from creating shortcuts. We launched against a 8.0.16 Gateway. This will work well for us. Thanks for your help.