How to Remove Dashed Lines in Timeseries Chart for Periods with No Data in Report

I'm working on a report using the Timeseries Chart in Ignition, and I've encountered an issue I need help with.

The data source for my chart is a SQL query. I've noticed that during periods with no data, the chart automatically connects these periods with a dashed line. I would like to remove this line but am unsure how to proceed.

Here are some details about the chart:

It's a Timeseries Chart, typically used for displaying Tag Historian data in a report.
The Domain Axis of the chart uses datetime values.
My current setup involves standard properties and configurations.
I've gone through the official manual but haven't found specific instructions on how to address this issue. Could someone guide me on how to remove the dashed lines that appear in periods of no data? Are there specific properties or script adjustments I should make to achieve this?

Have a look at this picture of the Tag History Binding, you need to tick the box "Prevent Interpolation"

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Thanks Daivd , but I am using SQL Query as my data, have to be, seems there is no such option in that.

The line looks solid to me when I zoom in on it. I'm not sure, but I suspect that the chart has no way of knowing that you are missing data unless you have a timestamp with no related value in the JSON.

For example, drop a Time Series component onto a view and set
plots.0.trends.0.breakLine : false
Now if you set
series.0.5.Temperature : null
you should see the line both sides of that point will disappear.

Does your database query return timestamps for all expected periods even when there is no data? I think that's the fix.