How to remove Good_WritePending overlay in runtime

I am using indirect bidirectional tags and the "Good_WritePending" overlay that pops up every time I do a write drives me nuts. I see no reason why an operator needs to be told that everything is working. Is there a way to disable this?

I have looked around a bit and searched through the forums, and I can't get it to disappear. I have tried "Overlay Opt-Out" set to true and that does not work (and besides, I don't want to disable overlays for bad quality). I have even searched the JSON for my views to make sure I hit every possible place this opt-out could be set. Still there.

Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated!



The good_WritePending is informing the operator that the command has been issued but not verified. Understanding this could be critical in certain applications - if communication is lost or intermittent, for example.

How long does the overlay persist? Is this related to the tag's scan class?

If you truly do not need the confirmation on those tags, you can use optimistic writes in the tag group (or a dedicated tag group for this purpose).


I suppose I should change my statement to "In my application, I have no need for this information, and it is likely to cause confusion and late night calls". Our operators just want to know when something is wrong.

This is the solution! Thank you so much. I am new to ignition but very impressed with the platform, and this seemed like such an obvious oversight. Our network is entirely local, so losing the annoyance is worth an unlikely dropped command.