How to Remove OPC Connections that no longer exist?

I have a couple of OPC connections that show faulted, because they don't exist anymore. How do I get rid of them?

You're showing the status section. There are three tabs on the very left (Home, Status, Config). Go to the Config section.

yes they are already deleted out of the config section. but this still remains on the status section for some odd reason. I have tried any obvious things I can think of and they still persist.

That usually means the module that provided that type of connection was deleted before deleting the configuration. It doesn't show in the config any more because the module isn't there to show it properly, but the system is still trying (and failing) to run it. Two paths to fix:

  • Reinstall the relevant modules to make the config show up, then delete the config, then delete the module again. Or,

  • Dig around in the internal database to figure out which rows to delete manually. Not recommended unless IA support is looking over your shoulder.