How to remove PowerTable cell padding

Hi, I want to remove cell padding space to show Single charachter data in power table. But when i reduce column width it look like this....


In Vision, the swing ellipsis behavior can be overridden with html. In a power table this would be done from the configureHeaderStyle and configureCell extension functions:


#def configureHeaderStyle(self, colIndex, colName):
	return {'text': '<html>' + colName}
#def configureCell(self, [...], colView):
	return {'text': '<html>' + textValue}


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Hi, Thanks a lot. Its work :+1:


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Fair warning: the HTML spec used in Java Swing is HTML3, not anything newer.

Ok. Then what is other solution.....????

Just letting you know that justin's solution works because it doesn't use any HTML syntax that is newer than Java supports. If you extend his solution by changing the HTML (and there are plenty of places where you might want to), you have to limit yourself to the supported version.