How to rename Powertable columns?

Trying to figure out how to have dynamic column titles in a power table:

Unfortunately cant have tags in the column name, or indirect tag reference

Some of the scripting ive been trying:

with the above picture, i was hoping the columnRename would work but i cant seem to call it.
(documentation ->) columnRename - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation = system.dataset.columnRename(, ‘zCol1’, ‘zCol2’)

Does that work?

No it does not

New plan.

Use a custom property with type dataset. Bind this however you want to get the data (looks like the tag historian based on your pictures)

Bind the table dataset using this expression. Replace {Root Container.Power Table.rawData} with the correct path to the custom property. Replace my column names with better ones, making sure the number of provided names match the number of columns.

	columnRename({Root Container.Power Table.rawData},'zCol1','zCol2','zCol3'),
	{Root Container.Power Table.rawData}
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Worked perfectly, thanks!