How to Reserve a Tag Provider Name in the Gateway

I’m in a situation where I need to be able to reserve a name of tag provider in the server. Something like “System” tag provider name, is well know is a reserved name.

I was wondering if this is posible to reserve a new.

I’m curious why you would need to reserve one?

By default you will not be able to create a duplicate named tag provider.

If you do, you will get a name must be unique error message.

Essentially by creating on with a said name essentially reserves it.

Not sure why you would need to reserve one which would not be created in the gateway.

It is not a fact of duplicating, I just need to avoid the user to create a tag provider with a certain name. The reason, is a script the gets tag providers names and do something. And I won’t be able to do that something if that name exists in the tag providers.

Still a little confused.

But a regular user should not be creating tag providers. That can be solved with some role based access security settings. Or good documentation so other integrators know.

Could you be more specific on your scripts, possibly posting it. or describing what its doing and why this would mess things up.

Well, they are not regular users, the corporation owns the server and they can do whatever they want.

Posting the script, won’t answer my questions hehe

I think you’d have to alter IA’s source. So, extremely unlikely.


Just thinking someone here might be able to offer a better solution or work around for your issue.

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You could create an alarm that checks the tag providers created and alarms if your blacklisted name exists? Maybe it emails someone saying someone’s been naughty. I don’t know how to check the tag providers available off the top of my head…

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Thanks for you opinions dear.

Yeah, I agree. I had this hope this to be “easy”. Thanks for the opinion.

Actually that is a good one haha. But was is not desired is to execute a recurrent script to retrieve all tag providers.
What would be ideal is to create a gateway listener? a notification event maybe? Any idea of how doing it?

There’s a structure listener for the tag manager. Haven’t played with it, but it might do what you want.

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Can’t you just filter that special name in your script after reading the tag providers?

I wish I could give more context. But nope, that won’t have any effect on the script.

How to explain…Image you buy a airplane ticket to Memphis, take the fly and end up in Egypt? How?? Because there is a city with exactly the same name. Instead of going to Memphis - Tennessee. And then imagine buying another ticket to Memphis but you already are in Memphis so it turns a really confusing situation.

If I filter Memphis from my travel list because there are duplicate names I will go no where.

The idea is to make a reservation for this. You know that you have nothing to do in Egypt. So you need the travel agent to know that, if I ever buy a ticket to Memphis please don’t take to Egypt.

The Ignition Gateway would be world, the travel agent office the script and the cities are tag provider names.

I should stop drinking coffee I don’t know how this analogy came to my mind haha.

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It sounds to me like you need to make an index in code or a DB that can distinguish names for you in the desired context instead of using tag provider names. Consider having that index code substitute unique IDs from a DB to be used as provider names.

If a tag provider name cannot carry the necessary context for uniqueness (in your app), don’t even try.

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I appreciate your point of view. However, no DBs are involved here. I’m working with Gateway context and calling .getTagProvider().

I’ll just need to clarify in red and bold they should not create tags providers with certain names.

I tried, not success.
I rather not doing this since it got complicated.