How to restore 7.9.11 project into 7.9.10 Gateway

I need to restore my project form 7.9.11 gateway to 7.9.10 gateway. There is nothing fancy in 7.9.11 project I’m sure the project will work perfectly in 7.9.10.
Is there any way to modify the backup file so I bypass this limit in ignition?

Open the project file as XML text. Compare the header to that from a 7.9.10 project export. Adjust. Import.

Note: Utterly unsupported as it can really break things (like, totally–been there, done that). Don’t whine about a broken gateway if you do this. I shouldn’t have to suggest a gateway backup of 7.9.10…

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I want to use backup Gateway not exported project. I open gwbk file and it seems to be coded. Is there any way to edit gwbk file for this?

Not that I have found, easiest is to restore the GWBK on another machine temporally and then from that temp GW export the project, then you can just uninstall again. We do this all the time usually only takes about 15 mins because ignition is so quick to install on another PC.

The .GWBK is just a wrapped up ZIP file. The same basic procedure Phil explained can be done there, in the backupinfo.xml (or whatever it’s called) file.

Note even heavier caveats here - it’s extremely likely a newer Ignition backup will not restore successfully on an older gateway.

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Hah! You noticed I kept my fingers away from the keyboard…

Nader, please follow Ryan’s advice.