How to restore deleted images?

Hi, I accidentally deleted an image folder in Ignition. Is there any way to restore the images without restoring the entire Ignition gateway?

You could restore the GWBK to a different machine and just grab the image folder from it, then put on live server

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Is there no alternative way? I tried doing this but my localhost:8088 stops working. Not sure if there is an config file where I can change this?

Not sure of alternatives never tried. Once you restore the GWBK you will lose access as it is restarting. Can take about 5 minutes

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Have a look in the internal config.idb. You’ll need a sqlite editor, lots of free ones. I personally use SQLiteStudio ( I’ve used this method to undelete windows before, even after a week until I noticed.
The table you’re looking for is called IMAGES. It doesn’t look like any backups are kept, so you might need to grab them from one of the backups in the ‘autobackup’ folder.

Also, you might want to take a backup before mucking around with it

Note: to edit the table, you’ll need to copy the config.idb file out of the ignition folder and make the change to that file, then copy back. Otherwise you’ll run into read-only issues. Also, you can add both of your database files into SQLiteStudio and have them open side-by-side and simply copy rows between them

I tested this and it works restoring an image I deleted.