How to save column configuration in Alarm Status Table

Is there a way to save column configuration in Alarm Status Table?

Every time the project is updated the Alarm Status Table reverts back to the default columns.

Please see this post: [Feedback] NEW Perspective Alarm Status Table

Thanks for the reply…

Not so concerned about the sort order… more concerned about the columns included and their position.
The default columns Display Path and Event ID are of no interest to my application, and I like to add Event Value.

You can specify which columns are displayed by modifying the enabled property for the individual columns:
Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 8.52.41AM

There is not currently a way to configure the left-to-right order of the columns. I’ll reach out to Dev to see how difficult such a feature would be. I’m sure not difficult from the development side, but providing a property in the schema which allows for easy configuration would be the more difficult part.

Somebody should have known this and pointed it out to me:
“To change the columns that are displayed, the order of the columns, and/or the column width, put the Designer into preview mode. Then right-click on the table header to show/hide columns. Click and drag to re-order columns, and drag the margins of the columns to resize their width. No further action is necessary - the column configuration will remain in place after the window is saved.”
Problem solved!

That is true for Vision, not for Perspective…