How to see who last saved a project?

Is there a way to see who last saved a project? I can’t find this in the literature anywhere.

I don’t know if you can see in the file system, but you can enable auditing on the gateway, which will show every project change and the ‘actor’ who caused it.

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I think you must have auditing enabled in your project properties. If that is enabled, all audit events will be logged into an audit event database table that is linked to your audit profile that you created on the gateway. You can search for a “project save” action by running a simple SQL query

SELECT TOP (100) *
  FROM [YourDatabaseTable]
  where ACTION = 'project save'
  AND ACTION_TARGET = 'YourProjectName'

According to the user manual, a Gateway Audit Profile will catch project changes (presumably independent of auditing enabled at the project level).

I’m pretty sure auditing has to be enabled.

The distinction is a gateway level audit profile captures extremely high level details (a project changed), not any individual details about the changes.
A project audit profile will capture details of the changes.

Also, in 8.1.14 the Project Update Script has some additional implicit arguments which list the resources and actor who made changes to them: