How to select multiple posts as solution

Hello everyone,

I recently asked a question under ignition topics and that question has been answered by multiple people in different ways. Is there any way to select all those answers as the solution? Currently, I can select only one of them. Thank you!

You cannot. You will have to disappoint some people unfortunately, but fortunately I don’t think anyone will really take it to heart.


Give them a like, or reply using @pkhoshroo (for example), that is good enough. I’m pretty sure I can speak for everyone that we don’t need the kudos. It’s about supporting a great product to make it even better.


But obviously my answer here is the solution. so… :joy:

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Doesnt matter to much, but do mark something as a solution so that it appears solved in the overview^^

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Most forum software has this limitation. They usually recommend you pick the best answer. Which should always be mine, of course. :grin:


I’ll keep that in my mind :wink:

:smiley: Sure!!!