How to Set a Background Image in Perspective ! Help Needed!

I am configuring a login page and I get stunk in the background image setting.
I 've already read the revelant questions in thie forum but the solutions won’t work for me.
Here is how I did:
a coordinate container, and the style is as followed:
But no background is shown with this setting.

Could anyone help with the situation and info me of my setting mistake?
It helps a lot if any help can be provided!!!
Thank you guys!

backgroundImage: url(“imageurl”) works

so there is something wrong with your url.

where is background.jpg? if youve imported it into Ignition’s image managment system, here is how you access it:

specifically you need to add “system/images/” to the beginning of the path in perspective.


hey bro,
I’ve done what you said but unfortunately it just dosen’t work for me

btw, the image from the internet can be displayed but the image in my Image Management can’t.
Is there some sort of restriction for backgroundImage in Perspective?

hi @Jay_L

well for the image component you can use “/syste/images/(image path)”
but for backgroundImage you need to wrap it in url("") i believe, see here:

also from your screenshot it looks like your image you’re trying to use is in a folder called login. you need to include the full path. you can just right click your image and click copy path to get its full path. the paste it after /system/images/ for the background image url path.

heres my example working