How to set a basler acA1280-60gc camera on IP CAMERA VIEWER

Hi i'm new in ignition, i try to set the basler acA1280-60gc camera but see this error
using this url:

i see the camera in pylon viewer and have ping to the ip address in CMD

someone can help me please

Connection Refused is a network error. If that URL works elsewhere, then it might be a firewall. Do note that Vision (which is what the screenshot appears to be) does not support typical video formats in its IP Camera Viewer. Just MJPEG. What do you get if you open that URL in a browser?

in the browser i see this:
but the firewall and the antivirus are disabled.
i try connecting the camera port to port with the pc assigning static ip with same result

So the browser has the same problem as Ignition. It says right on your screen that connection is refused. Either the camera is refusing the connection, or a firewall is refusing the connection, or the camera is not using that port number.

Not an Ignition problem.

Debuging the examples of pylon software the cam property in url is:
the firewall is down