How to set a window's security

I have watched the video lesson 12 and have not been able to get to the window security. Travis is quick so maybe I am missing something he is doing. I try and select the window for my “Pop Up” and always get the root container - which gives me a different dialog for Component Security.

It looks like Travis maybe clicking on the title bar - which does not show up in my designer. Is there a setting to allow the title bar to show in designer?

I was able to select the window in the project browser - then on the Menu bar select Component and get the Component Security for the window instead of the root container.

Would still like to know what Travis did to open the dialog.

Those training videos were made prior to the redesign of the Ignition designer. While most of the information is still valid, the differences in how the designer looks can be a bit confusing. The designer previously allowed you to have multiple windows open at the same time but this is no longer the case. Each window now has its own dedicated tab in the designer and there is no option to display the title bar for a window while in the designer. How you accessed the window security (by right clicking the window in the project browser and selecting security) is the correct way to do it as of Ignition version 7.2. Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks for the reply. Nothing to apologize for - things change - definition of software.

You could also use a start up script on the client to open particular windows based on a users login credentials.