How to set Background color of table in flex repeater

I am using Flex Repeater, in Flex Repeater I have called One Label & table component.

Ii want to set background color to table Row, can anyone guide me on the same

Hello and welcome,

Can you be more specific as to what you want to do ?
Setting the background color of a table is done by adding backgroundColor to its styles properties, but I suspect there’s more to your request than just that.
Do you need to make the color dynamic ?
Do you need to color only certain rows ?

Actually i have flex repeater & i have called table component & label component in flex repeater & i am fetching data from the database table through scripting, In flex repeater instances i have got three column out of that first column i have binded to label, second column is as a dataset binded to Table & third column is for background color of each row of table, but i am facing issue to assign background color of each row of table, i need help on the binding background color,

Thank You

I’m having difficulties understanding, can you show us with screenshots what you have, and explain point by point what you want to achieve ?