How to set component values from datatable values

Currently, I am creating a tank farm, that has about 100 tanks in it. I have a table that contains the values, tank number, product, fill dates and expected fill dates in it. There are about 100 tanks that I would like to graphically show. I would like to link each tank component to the corresponding value in the table so I can change tank color for product type, display tank number and fill dates.

Is is best to have 100 different tank components on the window, or is there a better method to do this. Also, how do I check the value in the table and display that information on the tank. As you can tell, I am very new to factoryPMI, but find it very powerful and would like to do this project using it instead of xtml or some other method.

Thanks for the help.


Displaying status is pretty easy in FactoryPMI. Just put a dynamic property (like tank_status) for the status on that tank and bind the color to that property. You can use a label for the number and fill dates.

You can display all the tanks in one window, or show one tank and use a dropdown list to select which one, or maybe show 10 at a time with a dropdown list. All you need to do is bind a dynamic property (like tank_num) to the dropdown that selects your tank/set.

You could even take it a step further and have another dropdown list that selects which product type, and bind your tank select dropdown to only show tanks with that product type.

There are many possible solutions, but the first thing you should do is play around with the designer and check out the tutorials in the help section of the FactoryPMI gateway (at localhost:8080/help).


You might want to check out this video we made a while back: … start.html

It is a bit dated nowadays, but it does cover some basic databinding, which is what you want to use to bring in those tank values.

Hope this helps,

Thanks. I think the video was very helpful. Though I did notice that there have been some updates since them.