How to set "Numeric Label" font?

Ignition software version = 4.6.5.
Java version on client and server 7.51.
Server = RedHat Enterprise Linux version 5.7.
Client = Windows 7 x64.

In the Ignition Designer, I don’t see a Font property for the Numeric Label component. The Label component has a Font property. Is there a way to change the font for this and other components that don’t show a Font property?

At the top of the “Property Editor” window there is a row of icons. The right-most one is a filter. By default it is set to “Basic.” Change this to “All” and you will see the font property for your component. It is there on a Numeric Text Field and should be there for labels as well.

Edited to add:

You can find text justification properties in there as well, which you asked about in another post.


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