How to set order of time series columns?

I set each column individually under plots>trends>columns, but this doesn't work, yo can see the it's displaying BESS 6 SOC and should start with BESS 1 SOC. What are my options here?

What order are the columns in your Dataset? I am no expert in the charting aspects of Perspective, but I wouldn't be surprised if the columns directory in this context is not a definition of ordering, but is rather a reference used just to store configurations - unlike the Table, where the ordering of columns in the columns array actually orders the columns of the Table.

Update: After reading the docs for this area, I see no mention of this setting guaranteeing the ordering of the columns. You might need to order the columns in your actual data to enforce any sort of ordering.

The dataset columns are in order

It works for me... as long as the series' data is an array of objects.
Same config but with a dataset, and it doesn't work anymore - the columns don't have any effect. can't even change colors.

edit: nevermind... I mistyped one of the headers in the dataset.
That said, changing the columns order does work on my side.

That's on 8.1.25. Maybe something changed ? What version are you using ?

I'm currently on 8.1.18