How to set tag quality with TagManager?


I wrote this code to set a value to a specific tag and it works. :smiley:

[color=#0000BF]writes.add(new BasicWriteRequest<>(TagPathParser.parse(se.tagPath),se.value));
context.getTagManager().write(writes, null, true);

unfortunately, I can’t find how to set the quality of the tag. :frowning:

Can you help me?


You can supply a QualifiedValue to the write request.

A convenient subclass, BasicQualifiedValue, should make this fairly easy. You can use your own Quality implementation or one from the DataQuality enum.

Thanks for you answer but I did that and that seems not well:

[color=#0000FF]writes.add(new BasicWriteRequest<>(tagPath, se.getBasicQualifiedValue()));
context.getTagManager().write(writes, null, true)[/color]

where se is an SimulEvent like :

[color=#0000FF]public class SimulEvent {

public String tagPath;
public String ts;
public EventType type;
public double value;
private DataQuality quality;

public BasicQualifiedValue getBasicQualifiedValue(){
BasicQualifiedValue bqv = new BasicQualifiedValue();
return bqv;

Have you got a complete exemple for me?

best regards

The DataQuality type has enumerations to represent different quality values. ie. DataQuality.GOOD_DATA or DataQuality.ACCESS_DENIED.

Check out the javadocs for com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.sqltags.model.types.DataQuality to get all of them.

When you set the quality of your qualified tag, you need to set it to a specific quality enumeration.


See if that gets you any closer.