How to set up a conditional blinking background color?

I have a navbar where currently the only item with a backgruond color is the window selected.

We have one window that has messages. We want it such if the person has a message waiting for them, the nav bar blinks that color (but only if they are not already on said page).

I have the SQL custom property attached to the navbar that determines if the person has new mail. How can I tie this into making the component blink say a red background?

That’s very easy via the style customizers:


Just select your custom property as “Driving Property”, then add the “Background Color” to the “Used properties” list. Finally, on the true condition, check the “Animate” checkmark, and let the color blink.


Perfect, thank you.

Is there a way to add an additional value that the background is conditional on? I have three cases, 0, 1, and 2. But for some reason that bottom + sign is always grayed out.

What’s the data type of your custom property. If it’s an integer, you should get the + -sign

If you have multiple conditions to handle, you have to combine them into an integer in order to animate with the style customizer. The style customer can only follow one driving property.