How to set up a new intranet network in Ignition?

Good evening,

I am new to Ignition and have been studying the company supervisor I work since I was admitted 3 months ago. In the company we can connect to ignition, both gateway and client applications across three Nics: the corporate network itself ( and the two intranet networks where clps are connected. ( & We used any of the previous networks to use the system in the can factory. In the cap factory we have no supervision, but I have been studying hard to start slowly implementing ignition in the cap factory. but I came across this problem: we have an intranet network at the IP cover factory: 10.33.102.xx, which is the network that we connect the clps for communication via wifi . My biggest question is how do I configure ignition so that it works on the lid factory intranet network as well?

sorry for my English.

The quickest way, and the one that requires the least learning, is to install a 4th NIC.

It isn’t really anything to do with Ignition, it is more of an IT networking question.

Other than that you can use your existing IT hardware to make your server “see” the network