How to set up pipeline

We just upgraded from 7.5.4 I think to 7.6.1 and I see that our alarms no longer work. I haven’t done anything with the new pipeline feature, so is there some good information on how to incorporate our existing alarms? Is there something easy to do to get all the alarms enabled again then fine tune them again later so we are not running in the dark?
Thanks in advance


Your existing alarms should continue working. You should see your notification profiles under “Alarming>Legacy Notification” in the gateway, and similar for “Legacy Storage”.

How are you determining that they’re not working? Emails not being sent? Not showing up in status screens?


I’m experiencing the same thing.

I upgraded on Sat, June 1st at 8am, and while all of my transaction groups show that they are running, I haven’t logged a single alarm since then.

The only other notable issue that I have is with a transaction group of alarms that faulted out right after the upgrade, generating deserialization errors with all of the tags in the group. I started pulling tags out of that group and sticking them into another group and was able to get both groups running.

Not that this really matters at this point since it seems like the legacy alarms are not being processed or stored at all.

Colby, support has a backup of my gateway from before the upgrade as well as XML exports of the transaction groups as they stand now as mentioned above under ticket # 11921.

I really need to figure out what’s going on here or I will have to downgrade from 7.6 for the second time.



Sorry, I just saw this post. I had looked at that backup for the serialization issues, but it didn’t happen on my system. I didn’t hear anything about alarms just not working. I’ll take another look and will call you up in the morning to go over it with you.


The serialization error is only on that one group, out of the 10 or so groups that I have… What bothers me is that there are very few alarms in that group as compared to some of the Transaction Groups I have that are working… Also, because I can split the group that I am having trouble with and the split groups work… but not when they are all in the same group… doesn’t make sense…

As far as the alarms not logging, I didn’t know it either, until I saw this thread and checked my DB tables… Nothing at all since before I upgraded and I watched several of the points I’m logging go into alarm…

I’ll await your call…



Colby… the other thing that started appearing in the log files since the upgrade is a clockdriftdetector warning…

I went back to the logs.bin file from before the upgrade and this warning doesn’t appear in the logs…

i also get the clock drift detected warning. i was more curious though if by chance there was a pdf manual besides the standard manual that would assist the transition to the new alarming features?
i am excited because soon we are going to be converting to VoIP phones here in my widget factory soon. I hope to take advantage of some of the new features but I would like to read more about them.
Please advise where I can find those resources??.. Thank You

Here is a link to the documentation for that alarming. I know the header of the document says beta, but this will help assist. Additionally, you can go to help, help from the designer in 7.6 and that will take you to the updated online user manual. Sorry for the late reply to this topic! … kKeYXs/pub