How to set view in perspective for mobile App?

I have embedded view in perspective project.
I tried to change view mode to fixed in the project for better resolution in mobile application. But, computer view is smaller now and view is not great.

I have tried breakpoint container but did not get desire result.
Please suggest what needs to change in current embedded view.

Its hard to say without pictures.

Please provide some pictures. Also let us know what kind of containers you are using. And what kind of position/scaling you have set up.

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Here is the screenshot from the tablet.
I am using Coordinate container in embedded view.

I have tried flex and breakpoint, but then it creates smaller size view in computer screen and makes it easier in tablet.

Still hard to tell from your partial picture.

What are your grow/shrink settings like for position properties?

Grow is 0, shrink 1

So fixed doesn't work well if you want it to scale in-between desktop and mobile.

Also, coordinates are not the best for scaling either.

It seems to me you are specifically having issue with text. It looks as though it's not shrinking. I'd confirm your position settings on the text objects which are "out of size".

I'm thinking not all your objects are set to shrink properly.