How to setup Tag History in a Gateway centric module?

I am looking at developing my own OEE system for autonomous vehicles.

I have come up with a tag architecture for my module, but would like to store historical data on these tags. Is this something I can configure automatically upon startup of my module… or is it something I would have to do manually through the Ignition gateway settings webpage?

I was trying to find some detailed Tag history examples using the SDK, but I failed.

If you’re using the ManagedTagProvider and would like tags you generate to store history you’ll need to add the historian dependencies to your maven project.


Then you can configure historical properties on your tag like this:

    BasicBoundPropertySet props = new BasicBoundPropertySet();
    props.set(WellKnownTagProps.HistoryProvider, "HistorianProvider");
    props.set(TagHistoryProps.HistorySampleRate, 1000);
    provider.configureTag(tagPath, props);

Thanks for the info Cody. I will try it out!