How to show JPG image stored on Apache Tomcat in Perspective view

The image can be viewed in a browser when the http URL is hit. How to show it in an image component in perspective?

Like example two?

The image URL is having HTTP whereas the perspective page is loaded over HTTPS, therefore the request is upgraded to HTTPS and broken image is displayed. When same image URL is provided as a source to the image component on a perspective page over HTTP it is displayed without any issue.

My question is how to display the image over HTTPS. (the requirement is to retrieve the image URLs by querying to a DB, show the table and on click of every row the respective image should be displayed)

They must be served over HTTPS if your Perspective session is using HTTPS. Browsers do not allow mixed content.

That is: You must change however the image is hosted to serve as HTTPS.
If you’re hosting within Ignition via Webdev this should be easy, just switch your image URLs to HTTPS; if Perspective is working in HTTPS Webdev should be as well.
If you’re using some external host, you’ll have to figure out how to change it yourself.

You might find my free module helpful in this case:

Got it. Many Thanks!