How to show PLC Tag data in Vertical Bar Chart using Web Dev resource

I want to show plc tag data in vertical bar chart in Ignition perspective using Web Dev resource,
how to do this can you help me

You mention plc tags, Web dev, and Perspective. I don't understand what you're trying to do... Plc tags and Web dev are essentially both sources of data.

I think you need to start telling us what your problem is and asking for how we would solve it, rather than asking for answers about how to do something specific, as, from your recent posts, it doesn't sound like you're going about things in the right way

Actually i have created bar chart using web dev python resource, i want to read bar chart value through plc tag how can i do this

I think you want the opposite. You want to display a PLC tag in a bar chart.

Think carefully. Write carefully. Code carefully.

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i want to display a plc tag value in bar chart

OK. Well show us what you have tried and where you are stuck.

I have never used Web Dev but the user manual says that it is for Vision and you have tagged your question as Perspective. Why do you think you need Web Dev?

Again, write clearly and give us enough information to help. Post properly-cropped screenshots if they will help.

Web dev can be used for a few things, definitely not just for Vision though. It can be used to create functions for an api for example, or custom webpages, and other stuff (i haven't used it much either) . I wasn't aware you could use it to create components though like a bar chart.. It's not something I see used very often though, but it certainly has its place for web apis

but in perspective, bar chart supports only for stacked version it will not support vertical bar chart so that's why i have created vertical bar chart using web dev resource and by using this url, i have called this url in my perspective in frame source

I think you can only pass data into a frame using url parameters.
Btw, all of this info should have been in your original post. We were literally fumbling in the dark with what you provided

then how to create vertical bar chart in perspective model any idea?

Do you have an example of what you're wanting to see? You can paste screenshots directly into replies on this forum


like this bar chart i have to create in my perspective can it is possible?

Use Perspective's XY Chart.

The above image is the default chart with the following modifications:

props.series.0.render : column
props.series.1.render : column

You probably want the X-axis to display categories and not dates. For this you will set
props.xAxes.0.render : category

i want to display each bar chart value using plc tag

You can also look at using the ApexCharts module if you want nicer charts.

You can use the Editor to create you charts and then copy the config into the Perspective component

how to display each bar chart value using plc tag

The PLC tag has history enabled? Your wanting historian data in the bar chart?

no i want to display realtime data through plc tag in bar chart