How to show quotation marks in a string binding

I want to make “hg in a binding for the units. I need the units to change between psi when positive and “hg when negative. I have this in the binding, but I don’t know how to show the “ for inches.

If(value> 0 , “psi”, “hg”)

if(value> 0 , "psi", '"hg')

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or use inHg instead of "

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Remember the capital H. The difference between m and M is 1000,000,000 times. The difference between hg and Hg is one is a 2-key mash and one is mercury. Capitalisation matters!


When posting you need to use backticks to format your code as code and avoid smart quotes which won't work in Python or expression language if copied and pasted from a webpage.

Regular text: If(value> 0 , “psi”, '"hg')
Code formatting: if(value > 0 , "psi", '"Hg') (with correct capitalisation).

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That's what I get for trying to do this from a phone.