How to show user profile image after login

Hello Everyone,
I wants to login the perspective session with user image, who is logged In the session. Is there any possibility to login like that. Is it possible, kindly give me the suggestion to finish this task.

Thank you.

You mean like a face lock? I don’t think so.

Perhaps with a third party IdP, but nothing built in to Ignition. We’re exploring/considering biometric auth, but no timeline or guarantees it’ll even land first party.

No, Mr. ptunmel.
Here I Attached the image of the perspective session page.
This session is logged in by Mr. Karthikeyan Thangavel, you can find it from the attached image below. In that page above the username placed a user icon.
I want to show Mr. Karthikeyan Thangavel image over the icon. Likewise those who are logged in the session, their profile pic has to be shown.

This is my task. Is it Possible?
// usersource is Database // --for your information.

Do you already have the image saved somewhere? In the database perhaps? If so, then it should be simple enough to just map the currently logged in user and display that image. Our answers will depend on where you expect to get that image from though.


You need to change the question title. You are asking “How to show user profile image after login”. Your question title suggests that you want to use a photograph to log in to the Perspective session.

@Transistor Done… though I’ve wondered whether changing others’ thread titles is good etiquette, the forum gives regulars the ability to do so.

I have a Image data type column in my users Table.