How to shrink PDFs generated by Reporting Plugin

Hi guys,

I generate reports which contain many graphs and charts. The reports range in length from 10 pages to 180 pages. With about 90% of the report covered by charts & graphs. When saved as PDFs, the larger reports are approx 17 Megabytes in size. The smaller ones … 5 Megabytes.

Is there anything I can do to significantly reduce the size of the PDFs produced? I have tried zipping them without much effect.

Thanks in advance.


This is probably because our charts are encoded in the PDFs as high-rez images, rather than postscript vector information. I don’t think there is much you can do to make them smaller, sorry.

If you have Acrobat, you can try some of the things documented here

I’m not sure yet how I would automate the entire thing, yet, but I’ll keep an eye out.