How to Sign the unsigned module

Hi Team,

I have one module(Symbolic AI) which is implemented in java(eclipse), When we are building that java module one unsigned module is generated.
we are trying to upload that unsigned module in ignition gateway but it is showing error like "we cant upload unsigned module".
So I want that module to self-signed.
Can anyone please guide me how can I self-signed that module?
your quick response is highly appreciated.


If you want to run an unsigned module for something like development see the following:

I haven't gotten to this particular part just yet, so don't have an answer for you.

If this is a development gateway, then you can modify your config to run an unsigned module.

I moved your post to the Module Development topic. There it will have the eyes of the module developers on it.

Thank You!!

Thanks for your reply, Will check this.

Build and run this tool locally: