How to smooth over missing data in Chart?


I am using Ignition Version: 7.6.3-rc2 (b2448). I am trying to create a Chart (Not an Easy Chart) in Ignition. My problem is that, the data I am querying from has gaps in it. And those gaps manifest as line-breaks in the chart when I use XY Line/Shape Renderer option for Type Lines Only as shown in the attachment.

I cannot use an Easy Chart for two reasons:

  1. The query that generates the Chart is fairly complex to put into an Easy Chart
  2. I don’t want my XY column to be a timestamp – It has to be a numeric value.

Is there any way I can get the Chart option to smooth over the missing data so I don’t see gaps in my chart?



Within the chart component itself there is no way to smooth over the gaps you are seeing, and that is by design.

If you can detect the gaps in the raw dataset, and if you can modify the dataset before it is interpreted by the chart component, then you will be able to smooth over those gaps by editing the dataset.