How to sort Alarm Status Table by purely 'Active Time' only?

Hi All, i’m using Edge 8.0.16
In my configuration, i have put the Sort Order to ‘Time’ with Sort Oldest First being disabled.
However, the alarms are still not listed by the active time, which i am confused.

I saw this thread below, but i do not understand why a script is required as there was already a provided function available? (the sort order)

In the designer runtime, i have clicked the ‘Active Time’ twice, and there would be a down arrow and the number 1, which would then work as per expected.
When i save it and publish to actual runtime, the behavior is normalized back again.

Is there anyway to keep this above mentioned behavior to the runtime?
Or how could i configure such that the alarms will be listed out accordingly based on latest Active Time only?

Thank you all very much in advance!!