How to split alarm events from "system.alarm.queryStatus" into separate items

Hi to all.
I am using system.alarm.queryStatus to build a dataset of the current state of the alarms (to access many properties).

I have a task where i need to show each alarm event (“ClearUnacked”, “ClearAcked”, “ActiveUnacked”, “ActiveAcked”) in a different row. This means that the results dataset i get from “system.alarm.queryStatus” shouldnt have the events combined into a single item.
I know i could use “system.alarm.queryJournal()”, but in this case i need the alarms from the gateway system and not from the journal, also, i dont want to use a time range or the last 8 hours (wich is used in the journal), i need all the alarm events in the gateway system (no matter the date/time)

How can i acomplish it?
Is it posible to alter “system.alarm.queryStatus” function?
Is there any other function?

System.alarm.queryStatus has all kinds of filters built in to it.

It looks like you want to filter on state

it helped. Thanks!