How to stop Power Chart from adding multiple x-traces and brushed areas?

I’m using a touchscreen with no keyboard and can’t seem to find an option to disable adding a new x-trace when the operator touches the chart area :confused: I’m sure this might be useful maybe, but not so much when you add 10 x-traces within the same 5% of the chart and they all display over the top of each other. I can’t find a way to delete them either. Same thing for brushed areas: how can I remove the multi-brush functionality?

The clear x trace/brush control appears in the top right;


Can bind the interaction controls to disable them ?
( fullscreen = true hides them )


This menu doesn’t show on a touchscreen (or possibly more so when it’s forced to the “responsive” display mode).

I still want to be able to swap between pan/x-trace/brush etc. as I need those features, I just don’t want the operators to keep adding brush on top of brush on top of brush on top of x-trace which is the case now… I want to either be able to cap the number placed to 1 or 2, or disable adding multiple altogether

Oh god, I saved it in the designer like this and now I can’t get rid of them :upside_down_face:


Actually, I didn’t know changing the interaction mode shows different properties. Looks like I can add a change script to the xTrace values and cull extra ones

This works for the x-trace, but doesn’t work for the brushed ranges… It removed all but the latest from the values in the brushed ranges, but this doesn’t actually remove the displayed brushed ranges…

This doesn’t work…

Edit edit:
Actually, x-trace only sort of works…
After time, this happens

Yep, the option for the x-trace values to save on click really needs a disable toggle, it is not intuitive to delete them and impossible if you have a minimalistic setup and all those controls hidden. This can make it feel quite buggy.

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I agree this should have an option to disable. I added this to the ideas forum if anyone wants to help vote it up.

I add a property change script in the xtrave.value

if len(self.getSibling("PowerChart").props.interaction.xTrace.values)>2: