How to Stop Recording Data in History

I have multiple pieces of equipment that I record data from using History.
There are times when a piece of equipment will be down for a period of time.
During the time I do not want to record data from the down equipment in History.
Is there any way to stop the data from being logged?

Disable the tags involved. If this is a normal occurrance, you probably want to script it.

Are you sure it’s worth the effort? If there are no (or little) changes on the tags, the historian won’t save new values.

So the only tags this would be helpful for are ambient sensors (like temperature sensors). For anything you control, or even any measurements that won’t often go outside of the deadband, there will be no data points registered.

It’s even possible that enabling and disabling the tags repeatedly will cause performance issues by itself, as such actions are stored in a separate table and need to be consulted when querying the historical data. This has given me performance issues before.