How to store a color in a tag? Vision

I want to create a gateway tag such as “Colors/Running” that stores a color. I want to be able to use the system.gui.chooseColor to select it. Then I want to use that tag on a component binding, like FillPaint.

If I make the “Colors/Running” tag a string with a value such as “color(238,236,232,255)” and put that tag into an expression binding it works. But I don’t see how to translate the returned value from chooseColor into a tag value I can use later.

chooseColor returns “javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource[r=238,g=236,b=232]”

You can’t. Tags have a specific list of supported data types. Use a string tag, then in your bindings use the toColor() cast function.

Another possibility would be a dataset tag. Datasets can hold true color objects.