How to swap over login details to new email for module


Currently we are using the one email address to authenticate for our licensing project.
That email is about to be out of commission soon.
Is there a way to swap our module over to another address.

Contact your salesperson. Probably after creating an IA login with the new email.


I was redirected to the forum for this issue.

If they sent you here I think they misunderstood the question.

You’re talking about the Vision project for managing licenses that some people had/have access to?

So currently we have the project for licensing our own module.
But the account that we use for it is mine but I will be leaving soon.
We want to swap over to using a different account but not lose the list of keys and grants that are already created for the module.

Ah, you’re talking about the Module Showcase API tool. Yeah, that ties to your global login, which is tied to your company’s account.

Just send your account rep an email telling them they’d like to get a new email address added to the Module Showcase account. We’ll send a welcome email to that new email address, which will provide information about how to access the account. The modules are part of your company account, so they’ll be accessible to the new user.