How to take table checkbox event

I have a table from mysql query, then in this table I have a byte fields, to make a checkbox in the ignition, what I want to do it’s, when I press the checkbox filed, run a query to update the value, to true or false, but I can’t even take the event, I don’t know where I have to put this trigger, when I clicked in this checkbox, don’t see neither property changed.
Anyone can help?

You tagged the topic as Vision, but the screenshot is Perspective. Hmm?

sorry, my fault, I already changed

You need to configure a script in the onEditCellCommit event of the table.

In that script you can filter against the column and use system.db.runNamedQuery() or system.db.runPrepUpdate() to update the data source.

but, do you know how can I take this event from there?
I try this, to take the event but without sucess, "isselected") ,

Show all of your code in the onEditCellCommit.