How to tell if a session is the designer in Perspective

In Vision I could look at the SystemFlags and tell if I was in a designer session or a client session.

Is there a similar way to determine this in Perspective.

The reason I ask is I want to toggle visibility conditionally on a label depending on if the perspective session is running in the designer or not.


Do you mean like the session prop device/type?


Yeah! I think that would be exactly what I want

EDIT: Does anyone know why my designer right now says browser and not designer?

Bump, I have this same issue. Designer says "browser".

What version are you using?


According to the opened issue, this is a result of the Designer incorrectly handling a Gateway restart. To prevent this:

  • Close all Designers before restarting your Gateway.
  • Close and re-open your Designer if it was open during a Gateway restart.

Issue for reference: IGN-6238.

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@cmallonee, this also happens without a gateway restart. I just observed it happen on Designer reconnect after being offline for a while due to VPN disconnection. session.device.type showed designer (correct) until the Designer reconnected to gateway, and then switched to browser (incorrect). Gateway hasn't been restarted for a month:
Designer was online yesterday. This doesn't seem to happen on all brief connection losses, but does happen enough to be annoying--especially when working with multiple Designers open that all need a restart to correct this.

I am a similar issue where clients show a device type of 'designer'. Any update on a fix?

No, there is no estimated time to begin work on this fix.