How to tell is component is used/referred to

i'm cleaning up a couple of projects and i was wondering if there is a way to tell if a particular view/component is referenced or used anywhere in the project? there's a LOT of dev-debris in these projects; unnamed components/views, &c. and they are being used in production (don't even get me started...) so i can't just delete willy-nilly. items that are in use need to be carefully renamed and scripts updated, &c. so i'm wondering if there's something to help me decide what's dross and what's just in need of reworking.

Basically no, because dynamic references make it impossible to "statically analyze" something like this reliably. What we should (and someday will) do is some automatic bookkeeping to keep track of actual usage for you.

What you can do, today, is instrument your views with logging or some other decoration in the view startup event and just collect data over a period of time. Then use that as a signal that views you're suspicious of are in fact dead.

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fantastic. thanks Paul. i appreciate the explanation and offered work-around. :slight_smile: