How to test the ModbusDriver in example of SDK?

I try to test the new version (7.5.2) of ModbusDriver-v2 in the example of SDK but failed,(in version 7.3.1 it works well),what is the problem?Thanks.

Can you be more descriptive? What were you trying to do? What failed?

I just want to to use eclispe to run the project of modbus driver in example of SDK and and install the module in Gateway and test it.

SerialIO packages are missing.

Kyle might be on the right track. I’ll see what I can do about including them… or modifying the SDK example to not need them.

Thanks ,when the bug will be fixed?

I’ll try for next release.

Is the bug fiexed in version 7.5.3?

It’s supposed to be… Matt came and talked to me about including the missing serial library in the module SDK.

We are uploading an updated SDK with the Modbus fix now…I would ask that you don’t try to download the SDK zip until later today (lunchtime for Pacific time people).

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