How to track value changes/ pass values in multi state button

Hi everyone. I’m new to ignition.

I have a multi state button, I’d like to show a message box stating that the current button is already active when the said button is pressed again. I was thinking of using tag event script with the previous and current value in the value changed but I have noticed that the value does not pass/change if the same button is pressed. What possible alternatives can I use so I can track the changes/action in the said multi state button?

First off, a tag change script can’t open a message box in your Vision client since it is gateway-scoped without something like a message handler. I would skip a message box all together as I don’t see what it will accomplish. With correct styling on the component, you can tell which state you’re in.

Right Click multi-state button → Customizers → Multi-State Button Customizer or ctrl + u

If you really want to see when the button is pressed when already active, you would add a property change script. Right click the component, and select scripting. In the propertyChange event handler put

if event.propertyName == 'controlValue' and event.newValue == event.oldValue:
		print 'No state change'

It will print in the console under Tools

Thank you for the comment. I have tried writing the script on the property change of multi state button but there seems to be a problem (which I don’t know of) because it does not print in the console. Although, there was no error entering the script. May I know what other things should I check?

Evidently, the multi-state button does not have an accurate oldValue. When I print out oldValue, it always comes back as None. The work around is to add a custom property to the component, I made one called lastState and used this script

if event.propertyName == 'controlValue':
	if event.source.lastState != event.newValue:
		event.source.lastState = event.newValue
		print 'State did not change'

I have replaced the print to system.gui.errorBox and voila! It worked!. Thank you so much for your help.