How to transfer an image from an android smart scanner to a shared folder via Ignition?

We need to take a picture with our Android smart scanner, and we want to save it onto a shared folder. So how do we accomplish this task?

The drive that your Android smart scanner is saving too is visible to the machine hosting Ignition? You can map a network drive in your gateway .conf file as described here - Mapping a Network Drive - Ignition User Manual 7.9 - Ignition Documentation

And then you should be able to view the files/folders within that drive in your scripts and do what you need to.

I don’t think this will help what I am trying to accomplish.

Basically, I’d like to let the User takes a picture with the smart scanner. Ignition finds the image file located locally on the scanner and then I would save it for them into a built-in Ignition folder where other network users can access. I have a department which does not allow me to create shared folders so I must save into the built-in Ignition folder.

You won’t be able to automate this part (in Perspective). Eventually, Perspective will have an image input component that can access device cameras, and presumably a built-in scanner, but it isn’t available yet. In the meantime, you’d have to use a File Upload component, where the user picks the scanned file to send to the gateway.

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