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  1. Mobile technology allows plant personnel to monitor and control the system freely from any location on the plant floor.

  2. With remote access, managers can receive alarm notifications and real-time status updates on their mobile devices, which assists with troubleshooting, reduced downtime, and help eliminate travel time.

I think, Mobile Alarm notification, decentralized maintenance manpower optimization and work flow automation is a very good opportunity for SI’s.

How does Ignition support these two functions?
Do Ignition clients work on Mobile devices? I guess it works on IPADs/TAB devices but what about Android or IOS devices?
How does Ignition support remote access? I guess using VPNs. But what about thru Internet ?

NJ-SCADA module from pramanj can provide a gateway to Ignition that supports mobile SCADA with alarms and access thru Internet.

Taste of the pudding is in the eating. Give 2 hours demo license like Ignition, for the clients to evaluate and decide.

I have been requesting Ignition people to give a slot in their webinars to TPT modules like mine to demonstrate their addon moduules. Eval version will also need some training to get started and overcome the initial learning curve. That why a demo in webinar will be ideal. Hope they agree to do that for all module developers like me!

My suggestion is, display your module on Ignition’s third-Party Module Showcase with relevant user manual and training videos on Youtube and webinars on your website. If clients like it, they will come.

BTW, i think your product can work with any OPC-UA compliant SCADA. Demonstrate your solution for other Big 3 SCADA vendors also. I can see that you have very strong technical capability but you need some good marketing strategy also. Discuss with your good friends to come up with a better idea. Good luck :slight_smile:

After the webinar, an SI will definitely ask for a demo license to evaluate. Put yourself in the shoes of an SI. Will you buy a product which is hiding deep inside a webinar video?. If clients like your product, IA will automatically invite you for a webinar.

Agreed, but the SI’s should know first that such a module exists! Who has the time to go thru the module showcase in detail? Just a regular mailer may also help.