How to trap the "Unknown" tag quality

I have many Numeric Text Fields on a window, whose PropertyChange event I use to do some special logging. Their “Double Value” properties area linked to the fields of some UDT variables, which get their values from a Kepware OPC UA Server. When I open that window the very first time after Ignition start, the unknown quality overlay appears and a -1 gets logged to my database. Is there no way to understand the quality of the event.newValue in the PropertyChange event, so that I can discard all bad quality values?

If all you want is the good quality tags you can filter data on tag quality 192

Thank you jim_lapratt. Yes I want that, but I want to catch it in the PropertyChange event, where, as far as I know, you only get the event.newValue field, but you know nothing about the quality of that newValue.

You would want to grab the value of the Data Quality property of the component.