How to trigger configureCell in power table and is it possible to know who triggered it?

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I have a table which shows history status (Ok, Not Ok) of the batches through the different part of the process and they are color coded. Now, I also want to show the current status of the batch in different blinking colour in the same power table. I get this working right now by custom properties of the status. But, I am using data refresh to blink the light every 2 second. What happens essentially is that database is getting loaded a little with this. So, I am trying to find out a way to toggle configureCell some different way and also know who triggered so I can narrow down the cell updates.


As per my understanding, you want to trigger configureCell per 2 second.

Try it this way, place a timer component on that screen (it’ll be hidden automatically in runtime) and run timer per 3 second. In the configureCell check if timer value is greater or equal to 2.

Try binding the query to a custom property, then bind the data property to the custom property. It should just hit up the custom property and not trigger the query.

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