How to upgrade FPMI projects to Ignition projects

I thought a simple export from one and import to the other would work. :cry:
I searched the manual for keywords like “upgrade”, “convert”, and “import”. :cry:
I searched the website (nice new look :slight_smile: ) and the only think I found “run the upgrade tool”.
But I can’t find an upgrade tool. :cry:

Is this an oversight? Will it be posted with the upgrade instructions?

:/ hmmm new forms messed up my post.

The upgrade tool is on the Ignition Gateway itself.

Under Configure > System > Backup/Restore > Legacy Upgrade you will find a place to upload your legacy backup files.

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Here’s the fresh new Ignition Upgrade Guide. The link will also make its way to the existing user’s page soon.

Weird. I wrote a reply and clicked submit. Rather then submitting it showed Colby’s post at the top of the page.

I think it’s a nice feature, just didn’t expect it.

Anyway Thanks for the info.

Oh, yeah, that’s been there for a bit I think- what is says is something like “given this new post, is yours still relevant?”. You can then choose to post it or not.