How to upgrade to new version

Apologize if this topic was posted in this but I having a problem with upgrade to new latest version which activated license.

What’s the best way for upgrade to the new version between…

  1. Uninstall existing version on gateway and then install the latest version plus activate license again
    Or 2. Just install (overwrite existing version)

I tried #1 option but when I do activation, I got gateway license running under Emergency mode.

Inductive Automation suggested me to read the activation procedures but I couldn’t found the answer on it.

If your Gateway has internet access, then you just upgrade ignition, and then click on the “update license” link in the Gateway’s configuration web interface (license section).

If you don’t have internet access on the Gateway, then do an offline unactivation and then an activation.

Now that you’re in the 7-day emergency mode, you’ll need to contact your sales rep and let them know. They’ll grant you an extra activation and you can activate again.

I have noticed several scattered post about upgrades. Can there be a section for this somewhere?
I know i have also made some posts for the 7.5/Java 7 updates…

Eh, I don’t want to overly fragment the forums…


My server have internet access but it still having this problem, For my activation the license on my server, I have to asked sale rep for unlock something for me (again after I do asked them on 1st time unlocked) after I got the reply back from them I can just update the license then I worked.

I just have a question in my mind on ‘how can I do when I would like to upgrade SW to the newest released version which remain/keep my licensed on the server’, why I do serious? Please see the below message from sale rep reply to me when I asked them but I could not find that procedures from the manual.

[color=#0040BF][size=85]“I have granted a new activation and reset the license. You will however need to go to the Gateway and reload the license again for the emergency restriction to be removed. Also please review the User Manual on activation procedures so this situation does not reoccur.” [/size][/color]

The offline activation procedure is outlined here.

I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me but
“Offline activation is used to activate servers when an internet connection isn’t available”

And My server have the internet access…

Ok, so are you activated right now or not? If not, let us know so we can take care of the issue.

Thank you Travis. I already activated it.