How to use a QR code scanner from Camera in my Tablet and get those information to Ignition

Hi , For my project I would like to use the Ignition Perspective app and scan the QR code . From the scanned QR code I wanted to script and get those information to specific fields on my screen. So, my question is, if there is a feature in Ignition just like the Barcode Scanner to scan the QR code and i can retrieve those information from the QR code.

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I would recommend reviewing our Inductive University video that covers the Perspective “Barcode Scanned” action:

The scanned barcode action can make use of a mobile device’s built in camera to access barcode data and then scripting can be used to access and manipulate the data.

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Hi @kvane, one question about barcode scanning: it seems there is no system.perspective.xxxxx function to start a barcode scanning from a python script instead of the action you suggest, is there? I need it because the same button should start either a barcode scan or another action depending on some conditions.
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Have those conditions control the enable/visibility of two separate buttons. As a work-around until IA creates that script function.

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Thanks @pturmel, it's what I'm just doing, but I thought it was not elegant enough.

I vaguely recall a recent topic where an IA person was going to pursue this script function.

An option you might want to check out is using a QR code scanning app that can integrate with Ignition. You could use something like Smart Engines, which is an OCR technology company that has a QR code scanning app. You might be able to use their app to scan the QR code and then have it automatically send the information to the fields you want in Ignition.
Another option would be to write your script that integrates with a QR code scanning library. There are plenty of open-source libraries out there that you could use. You might want to take a look at Zxing or Google Vision, which are two popular QR code scanning libraries.